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JUST IN: A new CDC-led study finds that the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines protect people well, but Moderna’s vaccine is slightly more effective in keeping people out of the hospital

New York Times

There is still no clear timeline for when the FDA might consider signing off on booster shots for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.


"After you do your research what do we find?," Michael Eric Dyson says about the concerns surrounding the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines. "Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson have worked to protect Black lives."

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Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine declined in protection against hospitalization after four months, while Moderna’s remained stable, an analysis of data by U.S. researchers found


Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine is the most effective at protecting against Covid-19 hospitalizations. However, all of the FDA-approved Covid-19 vaccines work well at protecting against hospitalization.


A head-to-head comparison of all 3 authorized COVID vaccines found the Moderna shot to have the longest-lasting protection — but researchers stress they are all still good at keeping people out of the hospital.

CBS News

New study finds Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine is most effective against hospitalizations


Moderna said that a new analysis of the late-stage clinical trial of its Covid-19 vaccine found a higher rate of breakthrough cases in people who got shots early in the study


Pfizer and Moderna pushed for boosters, saying separately the immunity offered by their Covid-19 vaccines may wane over time.


Investors are getting ready for what feels like a coming vaccine revolution

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The Hill

CDC study finds Moderna vaccine most effective against COVID-19 hospitalization


Analysis: Torrid Moderna stock rally cools over booster shot doubts


NEW: The Moderna vaccine is most effective against hospitalization in the U.S., according to the CDC.


New data from Moderna's large COVID-19 vaccine trial shows that the protection it offers wanes over time, supporting the case for booster doses, the company said


Moderna made its case for booster shots, citing clinical trial data on the vaccine's efficacy. It joins Pfizer in supporting making boosters widely available, though some medical ethicists and scientists remain skeptical.


Moderna says COVID-19 vaccine protection wanes, makes case for booster


New data suggests that the Moderna vaccine may maintain a higher effectiveness over time than Pfizer's.


Efforts to develop an African hub to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines will focus on replicating Moderna's shot, a senior WHO official has told @Reuters. But a lack of progress in talks with the U.S. company means the project will take time, he added


A tech transfer hub that aims to produce COVID-19 vaccines for Africa will replicate Moderna's mRNA shot - but faces an uphill battle as talks with the U.S. company have not yielded results


EXCLUSIVE WHO-backed vaccine hub for Africa to copy Moderna COVID-19 shot

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Wall Street Journal

The Covid-19 vaccine made by Moderna is more effective at keeping people out of the hospital than those from Pfizer and partner BioNTech or Johnson & Johnson, new research suggests

Washington Times

Moderna, Pfizer reveal data in favor of COVID-19 booster shots

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New data from Moderna Inc's large COVID-19 vaccine trial shows that the protection it offers wanes over time, supporting the case for booster doses, the company said in a news release on Wednesday.

Fox News

Moderna analysis: Those vaccinated last year twice more likely to contract COVID-19